Instructions for CJP Discover Day School Check Application

NOTE: Prior to completing the application, please be sure to use the Eligibility Calculator on the home page to determine whether you are likely eligible for a CJP Discover Day School Check. If you received a positive response on the calculator, please proceed to complete the application.

We encourage you to file your application early, as it will be processed in the order received. Applications must be postmarked by March 13, 2017 to assure the availability of your CJP Discover Day School Check. Pending available funds, a waitlist will be created for applications submitted after March 13, 2017.

Application materials will be held in strict confidence. See Privacy policy for more details.

To apply:

  • Complete the Application: For optimal use, right-click on the following appropriate application and choose “Save Link As” to save to your computer:
  • We do not recommend completing the application online, as no information will be captured or saved. You will need to know your family’s 2016 Adjusted Gross Income as is/will be reported on your 2016 IRS Form 1040. The application should take about 10-15 minutes to complete. There are 2 options for completing the application form:
    • Fill out the application electronically, print and sign
    • Print a blank application and complete by hand

Remember to keep a copy for your records.

  • Provide documentation of Adjusted Gross Income: Include a copy of final 2016 IRS Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ (pages 1 and 2 only) signed by parents/guardians. Do not include schedules or Massachusetts state returns. You may initially provide a copy of your filed 2015 IRS Form 1040 (last year’s filing) for a preliminary eligibility determination, but reimbursement of a final Discover Day School Check by CJP is dependent upon receipt of a copy of your filed 2016 IRS Form 1040 by no later than May 2, 2017. If parents file taxes separately please include both tax forms. Please see FAQ for instructions when parents are divorced or separated.
  • Provide information regarding standard “Jewish deductions”: We ask that you fill out all relevant information on the application for program evaluation purposes, even if you are not claiming deductions. Please provide:
    • For synagogue membership, on the application please include the name of your synagogue, havurah or independent minyan where you pay dues.
    • For Jewish preschool tuition, on the application please include the name of the preschool where the applicant’s younger siblings are expected to attend in 2017-18.
    • For Gateways tuition for your applicant student in 2017-18, please include a letter from Gateways confirming this expected tuition. See FAQ for more details.
    • For “tuition deduction” for other siblings starting Jewish day school for the first time in fall of 2017, please provide the name(s) of the Jewish day schools where the sibling(s) will attend.

CJP reserves the right to verify your tax filing and any of the standard “Jewish deductions” claimed.

The application should be postmarked by March 13, 2017 and sent to:

Discover Day School

c/o Combined Jewish Philanthropies

126 High Street

Boston, MA 02110 

You may also email your application documents to: by March 13, 2017.

Confirmation of delivery will be emailed to you by CJP.

Important reminders:

    • CJP Discover Day School Checks are valued at 25%, up to $6,000, of the tuition (excluding fees). Please check with your day school(s) of choice for the specific tuition to determine the value of your CJP Discover Day School Check. Note that some schools have implemented additional cost saving programs designated to dovetail with the Discover Day School program. Please check individual school websites for more details, or speak with an Admissions Officer at the school(s) you are considering. For links to all of the day school websites, please see
    • Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for more financial assistance than the value of your CJP Discover Day School Check, and we encourage families to inquire at their day school of choice. Day schools generally notify families of acceptances and financial assistance decisions in mid-March to early April and require Signed Intentions to Enroll (agreements/contracts/deposit) for incoming students by in April. CJP Discover Day School Checks are valid through April 7, 2017 and must be submitted to your school of choice by that date. When you submit your Signed Intention, you will need to choose between accepting financial assistance provided by a school or using a CJP Discover Day School Check. (If a school has a pre-approved additional cost saving program designated to dovetail with the Discover Day School program, families may receive both the CJP Discover Day School check and school-based cost savings. CJP will reimburse the schools directly for the covered tuition.
      • March 13, 2017: Application must be postmarked to guarantee availability
      • April 7, 2017: Discover Day School Check must be submitted to school of choice
      • May 2, 2017: Reimbursement of a final Discover Day School Check is dependent upon receipt of a copy of your filed 2015 IRS Form 1040 no later than May 2, 2017.

Please see page for detailed instructions. If you have further questions, please contact the business office of your day school or email

CJP’s Discover Day School Program is a pilot program. In order to continue to provide and expand this benefit to the community in future years, we ask that you help us understand the impact of the program by responding fully to the application questions and participating in future requests for feedback.

Our belief

“Jewish day schools are one of the single best investments we can make to secure a vibrant future for the American Jewish community.” -Barry Shrage, President, CJP

In a nutshell

CJP Discover Day School Checks cover 25% of tuition (up to $6,000) of your child’s tuition for three consecutive years at any of Greater Boston’s 10 elementary/middle day schools. To qualify:

  • Your incoming student must be the first child in your family to enroll in one of our Jewish day schools
  • Your child must be accepted to a day school for the 2017-18 school year
  • Your family must meet our income requirements
  • CJP Discover Day School Checks must be used in lieu of any school financial assistance

Key Dates

January 3, 2017
Applications become available!
March 31, 2017
Application must be e-mailed or postmarked to CJP (CJP Discover Day School Checks are sent to eligible families on rolling basis)
April 7, 2017
Eligible families must submit CJP Discover Day School Check to school of choice with signed intention to enroll. Waitlist created for late submissions
May 2, 2017
Families must provide copy of filed 2016 IRS Form 1040 to CJP for Discover Day School check to be reimbursed

Fast facts

In a world of increasing fragmentation and alienation, a Jewish day school education can give a child the precious assets of life long identity and friendship.

Differentiated instruction

Often referred to as an educational philosophy, differentiated instruction is viewed as a proactive approach to instruction. This approach requires teachers to tailor their instruction and adjust the curriculum to students’ needs rather than expecting students to modify themselves to fit the curriculum.

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