Diverse learners

Greater Boston’s Jewish day schools are well positioned to provide differentiated instruction for optimal academic and personal growth. Small class sizes allow teachers to tailor their teaching methods to each student’s personal needs. Our community’s schools continually invest resources in providing support services and training teachers to understand and teach to diverse learning styles.

Students with special needs

CJP believes that it is the collective responsibility of the Greater Boston Jewish community to ensure that an excellent Jewish day school education is accessible to a broad range of students across the learning continuum and affordable for their families.  Expanding the number of families in day schools by welcoming and integrating diverse learners with special needs furthers CJP’s mission to inspire each generation to embrace Jewish life and learning.

Finding support

If you think your entering student may benefit from special education support, we suggest contacting Gateways:  Access to Jewish Education.  As a regionally-based Jewish special education agency, Gateways provides services and programs at many of Greater Boston’s Jewish day schools.  Gateways can help you better understand your child’s learning needs and give insight into how our day schools might best accommodate your child.

Standard deduction from your AGI for special education costs

CJP acknowledges the extra financial burden associated with special education support.  On the application, there will be an opportunity to apply a standard deduction from your AGI to account for special education costs if they are to exceed $3,000 during your child’s school year.  Applications will require a letter of verification from Gateways for this deduction. Please contact Gateways directly if you have any questions.

Our belief

“Jewish day schools are one of the single best investments we can make to secure a vibrant future for the American Jewish community.” -Barry Shrage, President, CJP

In a nutshell

CJP Discover Day School Checks cover 25% of tuition (up to $6,000) of your child’s tuition for three consecutive years at any of Greater Boston’s 10 elementary/middle day schools. To qualify:

  • Your incoming student must be the first child in your family to enroll in one of our Jewish day schools
  • Your child must be accepted to a day school for the 2017-18 school year
  • Your family must meet our income requirements
  • CJP Discover Day School Checks must be used in lieu of any school financial assistance

Key Dates

January 3, 2017
Applications become available!
March 31, 2017
Application must be e-mailed or postmarked to CJP (CJP Discover Day School Checks are sent to eligible families on rolling basis)
April 7, 2017
Eligible families must submit CJP Discover Day School Check to school of choice with signed intention to enroll. Waitlist created for late submissions
May 2, 2017
Families must provide copy of filed 2016 IRS Form 1040 to CJP for Discover Day School check to be reimbursed

Fast facts

In a world of increasing fragmentation and alienation, a Jewish day school education can give a child the precious assets of life long identity and friendship.


For more detailed information, please see the FAQ page. If you have further questions, please contact the business office of your day school or email info@discoverdayschool.org.