Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Personal information will not be used or stored for identification purposes on the Eligibility Calculator. Your computer’s IP address is collected so that we may perform an examination of analytics (number of unique users who try our calculator, etc.) as part of our program evaluation analysis. The answers to the Eligibility Calculator questions may be analyzed but no connected to an identity. However, within the calculator you are given the opportunity to voluntarily leave your email if you are willing to be contacted for follow up regarding your answers.

You may also leave your email address on the website home page in order to receive important updates and a reminder when the application becomes available. Email addresses collected on the website are separate from the Eligibility Calculator widget. If you provide your email address on the website it cannot be connected to any answers you provide on the Eligibility Calculator.

 There is identifying information required on the Discover Day School application. However, application materials will be held by CJP in strict confidence and will only be used to determine applicant eligibility. If you would prefer for your application to be handled by a third party administrator, please email this request to

Non-identifying aggregate application data may be used for evaluation and analysis. Discover Day School Check recipients may also be asked for follow-up information about their experience for evaluation purposes.